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Winter Blooms

As impossible as it may seem, we are in July now, and we all know what that means: winter is here. I know so many who dread these overcast days and frosty nights, but not me. With these cooler months come some of the most beautiful and sought after flowers. Winter brings fragrant David Austin roses, delicate poppies, blushing brides and dainty lily of the valley.


A gorgeous bouquet designed with bright poppies.
David Austin roses
David Austin Roses “The scent is amazing”


Winter also brings my all time favourite – sweet peas. To me, sweet peas are the most perfect of flowers, they are so soft and sweetly scented, they cannot be faulted.


Sweet Peas
You couldn’t say no to these divine sweet peas.


Its easy to bring a little life and happiness to your home during the winter, just take a bunch or two of any of these winter blooms and place them in a jar or milk bottle for simple elegance. Even mix them together for a wild garden look! Add a little foliage from your garden, like gum leaves, and you’ve got a beautiful arrangement of winter flowers!



Native Bouquet
A stunning vase arrangement with long flowering gum.

For an overview on available flowers for the winter season, please visit our seasonal flowers chart.[divider]