Christmas Bush


A must-have for your Christmas decoration, this lush red native foliage is easy to style while looking gorgeous in your festive home.

*Vessel not included – add one from our selection!


Celebrate the festive season with the quintessential Australian Christmas touch – our stunning Christmas Bush. This lush red native foliage is an effortless yet beautiful way to infuse your holiday decorations with a touch of natural elegance. Whether you’re crafting a unique centerpiece, accenting your holiday table, or adding a pop of festive color to your space, our Christmas Bush is the perfect choice.

  • 1 x Small ($75): Ideal for smaller spaces or as an understated festive accent, this option allows you to bring a touch of natural beauty into your home without overwhelming your decor.
  • 1 x Large ($95): For those looking to make a more pronounced statement, the large size offers a bolder and more striking presence, perfect for larger spaces or as a central feature in your Christmas decorations.

This native foliage is not only stunning in appearance but also incredibly easy to style, ensuring that your festive home looks gorgeously adorned with minimal effort. Bring a piece of Australian Christmas tradition into your home with our beautiful Christmas Bush.

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