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Flowers For Your Valentine

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and I can hardly believe it – it seems like it was Christmas only a couple of week ago! By now florists and gift stores everywhere are kicking into gear to prepare for the big day, but why do we even celebrate it?


Where Did the Day Originate?


Well, it’s connected to a Saint who lived in Rome in 270 AD, named Valentine, and there are a few stories floating around about why the day was named after him. The first most recognized saying was that the Roman Emperor of the time, Claudius II, outlawed the marriage of young couples, because he believed that single men made better soldiers. The priest Valentine protested this and married them in secret, but he we was eventually found out and sentenced to death on February 14th. In another story Valentine was thrown in jail for refusing to give up his Christian beliefs, and while waiting his execution, he fell in love with the jailer’s daughter. On the day of his death, February 14th, he wrote her a note signed ‘From Your Valentine’. Over the years the British and Europeans romanticized the day, and turned it into a celebratory day to express your love for the special people in your life.


Valentine’s Day Doesn’t Mean Red Roses Only


Red roses immediately pop into people’s heads when they think of Valentine’s Day. They are a classic choice and symbolise romance and true love, but they are not the only rose with meaning. Pink roses over all represent grace and sweetness, while lighter tones are tenderness and darker pinks mean gratitude. Purple roses signify love at first sight and desire. Orange says passion and enthusiasm. Yellow roses convey friendship and joy. Green roses denote peace and tranquility, and last but not least, white symbolizes purity and innocence.


Big bunch of multicoloured roses in orange, white, purple and pink.
Stunning bunch of multicoloured roses.

So What To Get?


As for what you should send your love for Valentine’s Day, you’ve got a wealth of options. If you’re looking to make an impression but not overwhelm, a single red rose is perfectly romantic. A timeless choice is a beautiful bouquet of red roses, a dozen or half a dozen is gorgeous, and if you wanted something magnificent 2-dozen or 3-dozen is definitely the way to go. We will also be doing amazing boxed roses, simple and elegant. If roses aren’t what you need, a stunning bouquet of their favourite flower or a mix of seasonal blooms will convey your love just as much as roses. We can also send your flowers with a bottle of champagne and a box of artisan chocolates. This year we have a divine choice of chocolates from Zokoko (trust us, we’ve sampled them!), perfect for the chocolate lover in your life. We are also very excited to be getting in a gorgeous range of luxury hand poured soy candles from Lumira, which we can absolutely send with your flowers.

Bouquet of red roses in a fish bowl vase.
Red rose bouquet in a fish bowl.

What About The Men?


And to all of you lovers with a special man in your life, don’t think he won’t want flowers too! Lots of men like flowers even if they don’t admit it, so instead of racking your brain for something romantic, get him flowers! Ask for something suitable for a man, red roses work for everyone or a single rose is perfect! Even a mixed bouquet, maybe in autumn tones with some native flowers!


Beautiful Valentine's Day bouquet for a man.
Gorgeous bouquet suitable for your man.

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